IAN WIECZOREK - Visual Artist

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An ongoing series of paintings based on low resolution reportage images harvested from the internet

Crossing 1

Crossing 2

Crossing 3

Crossing 4

Crossing 5

"The Crossing series of paintings reflects both current socio-political events and a continuing narrative: the border as a physical barrier, its implications and its porosity. While the phenomenon of such borders has existed throughout history, recent events have bestowed a fresh significance. Avoiding commentary of an overtly politicised nature, Wieczorek’s work explores the border as a concept, and while the works reference recent reportage imagery, the removal of specific context offers a more universal reflection on human resilience and perseverance."

- Artist Statement, 2017

Crossing 6

Crossing 7

Crossing 8

Crossing 9

Crossing 10

Crossing 11

Crossing 12

Crossing 13

Crossing 14

Crossing 15

Crossing 16

Crossing 17

Crossing 18



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