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Drawing on the Back of an Envelope

Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland, May 2013
in association with National Drawing Day

“In unfinished sketches of drawing, I have often seen something which pleased me beyond the best finishing… because the imagination is entertained with the promise of something more...”

- Edmund Burke (1729–1797), On the Sublime and Beautiful

Drawing on the Back of an Envelope was an exhibition of drawings made on envelopes in response to an open call-out, in which people were invited to make a drawing on the back of an envelope as part of a celebration of the act of drawing. The resulting exhibition comprised over 250 inspired, playful and inventive submissions from as far afield as Toronto, New York and London as well as all over Ireland.
Drawing on the Back of an Envelope was devised and curated by visual artist Ian Wieczorek.

-Ian Wieczorek (exhibition text)

Article from ConnaughtTelegraph:


Drawing on the Back of an Envelope”
is an imaginative and engaging exhibition of drawings on show in the foyer of the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar from Saturday 18 - Saturday 25 May. We’ve all heard the expression ‘drawn up on the back of an envelope’ to describe the act of pinning down the spark of an idea. The act of drawing itself is generally seen as a first step in the process of making visual art, whether it’s for painting, sculpture, installation, animation or many other forms - it’s how we can start the creative process. And as well as being a step-off point, for visual artists it can also be an end in itself. “Drawing on the Back of an Envelope” is an exhibition devised by visual artist and curator Ian Wieczorek that invites people to literally make a drawing on the back of an envelope. There’s been a great response to the callout, with submissions from young and old, doodlers to professional artists. Something inspiring, something playful, something inventive… the results are on show for you to enjoy in this celebration of the act of drawing as a source of creative inspiration. Presented in association with the Linenhall’s National Drawing Day programme.

- ConnaughtTelegraph 21.05.13

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