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Landscape in Line

Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland, May 2015
in association with National Drawing Day

Landscape in Line is an exhibition devised by visual artist and curator Ian Wieczorek that invites people to contribute their drawings to make up a collective, joined up landscape drawing. Drawing is one of the fundamental human creative activities, one that can be traced back both thousands of years in human history and also to early years of childhood development. In a fashion reminiscent of the Surrealist-devised method of Exquisite Corpse/cadavre exquis (where artists contribute in sequence to a collaborative drawing without reference to what had already been drawn or written), Landscape In Line presents a joined up ‘ribbon’ landscape made up from individual A5 format drawings submitted as part of an open callout. Playful, inventive and engaging, Landscape in Line is ultimately a celebration of the act of drawing.

-Ian Wieczorek (exhibition text)

The 55 participating artists:

Christopher Banahan, Noelene Beckett Crowe, Christina Bennett, John Beston, Gimena Blanco, Jean Bourke, Breda Burns, Aidan Crotty, Therese Crowe, Michiko Davenhill, Brigid Delahunty, Betty Gannon, Bryan Duffy, Pauline Garavan, Cathy Giles, Medbh Gillard, Eoin Gordon, Saidhbh Gordon, Finnan Griffith' Sandra Griffiths, Marliese Hertfelder, Aisling Holian, Eithna Joyce, Eithna Joyce, Trish Kelly, Ursula Kelly, Nessa Kennedy, Paddy Kirwan, Mary Lavelle-Burke, Anna Rose Lowry, Deborah McAllister, Margaret McDonnell, Marion McGing, Marian McHale, Eilish Murrihy, Deirdre Nolan, Gerry Omalley, Mary OMalley, Grainne OReilly, Brian Oshea, Jane OSullivan, Nuala OSullivan, Mary Patterson, Siobhan Potter, Rima Otilia Quale, Isabella Quinn, Susie Quinn, Elaine Reilly, Mary Ryan, ShelkyBean, Lilija Taran, Assumpta Wallace, Ian Wieczorek, Carol Wood, Patricia Youell

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