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Installed text – transparent vinyl

Part of IN SITU GMIT Castlebar Campus Residency exhibition

Remnant is an almost invisible text piece rendered in clear vinyl that references GMIT’s former function as a mental hospital. The text, “I was here before you and I will be here after you” is attributed to a “Patient heard scolding a staff nurse"'. The work not only acknowledges the institution’s former function, but also the fact that resonances of that time persist within the fabric of the building even today. The work is situated on a window adjacent to the main staircase in GMIT, its ephemeral message there for anyone whose attention it catches. - Ian Wieczorek (text, 2014)

(Reference: Joe McDermott, St Mary’s Hospital Castlebar, © Western Health Board (2008) ISBN 1-898098-63-8 p.8 )

Remnant is located on the glass of window on a main staircase in GMIT Castlebar College of Further Education
Coordinates: 53°51'00.1"N 9°18'20.4"W 53.850031, -9.305679)

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